Bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, or site owners may want to have anonymous hosting for obvious reasons of private safety or just to avoid any additional attention to the data they are sharing online. Freedom of sharing without being publicly reached is extremely important nowadays. For these reasons, hosting providers offer such services online.

Online anonymity cannot be fully reached without cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Of course, you can register the account while being fully secure, but once you have made the initial payment via bank transfer, you have already shared your personal info. With the usage of Bitcoin, you can be fully anonymous online.

If you’ve decided to find the best hosting provider with anonymous Bitcoin accept, but don’t know where to start from, then this article will be of great help. Here we have already collected and filtered info about most of the hosting providers and created the top 7. Sounds interesting, then let’s dive in.


HostZealot VPS with Anonymity Bitcoin payment options

This hosting provider offers dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosting. As for the full anonymity, it is created by the chosen geography which should be offshore. For instance, for VPS you may choose from the following locations: Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Sweden, and others.

The hosting offers secure and anonymous cryptocurrency methods such as Bitcoin, Binancecoin, Dash, and Ethereum. For more security, you don’t need to register with a huge detailed form, just a valid email address and you can get the most secure server in a matter of seconds.

As for the price range, it is rather reasonable. For more detailed information about the relevant prices and services, you’d better visit the official website.  


Orangewebsite VPS with Anonymity Bitcoin payment options

The hosting provider is almost 17 years on the market and that already shows its reliability. The safety of the site’s info is guaranteed by SSH connection. The extremely professional support team has approximately an hour response time and they work 24/7.

Almost all locations are geographically in Iceland, which makes your information even more secure with this offshore location.

As for the available payment methods, they are BitPay, Bitcoin/Altcoins, and Paypal. This provider has six hosting plans, the price for which ranges from $34.66 to $208,56 for the month of subscription.

The Onion Host

VPS hosting provder Crypto pay - The onion host

This hosting provider offers several types of offshore services for VPS, shared, or dedicated servers. Any client can choose OpenVZ or KVM virtual server with access to various plans that are for different types of virtualization.

If you want, you can get cPanel management for an additional sum. So those who are searching for offshore geography, this company offers Bulgaria as a perfect location.

When speaking about the methods of payment, there are such options as Litecoin, Dai, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and Monero. This hosting provider has 5 plans to choose from, and the price range starts at $15.00 for the month of usage. The price may be changed due to discounts or some other reasons, so you’d better check the updated info on the official website.


BitLaunch VPS Hosting with Anonymity accept Bitcoin

The first hosting which is rather popular online is called BitLaunch. It is a great option in case you are looking for fast and anonymous VPS. To offer efficient VPS for the clients, the provider uses KVM technology and SSD storage.

To guarantee the users’ anonymity while using this hosting, the company uses WireGuard, OpenVPN, and Shadowsocks R. In addition to this, usage of any OS and its installation is fully anonymous.

In case of any probable technical issues, there is a professional hosting support team that functions 24/7 and can quickly assist with any problems you might have.

This hosting provider offers the following locations to choose from: Bangalore, Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Sydney, Seoul, and many more. Of course, you can choose any location depending on your needs, but the most anonymous will be offshore locations.

On the official website of this hosting, they mention more than fifty variants of cryptocurrency that users can pay with. However, when you are actually trying to make a transaction, you will see only 3 variants such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin.


Hostinger VPS Hosting provider with accept Bitcoin

This hosting claims to have the simplest web hosting together with almost full anonymity. In addition to security, every user gets some guarantees of data protection.

Except from the safety features, by purchasing virtual hosting, you will also get a couple of benefits such as free data migration in case you would like to change a provider, technical support 24/7, no limitations according to databases/bandwidth, and one-month money-back guarantees.

As for the plans’ availability, there are a couple of options to choose from. Even when purchasing the basic plan, you are getting a huge range of tools and features. The most popular methods of payment are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and a couple of others.

Bitcoin web hosting

Bitcoin WEB Hosting provider with Anonymity Bitcoin pay

One more hosting that functions in a secure environment and gives users almost full anonymity is Bitcoin Web. VPS server works perfectly fine and as a client of this company, you can even use hosted DMCA-free.

The major functionalities that you are getting are free privacy protection of the domain, managed host plans, and immediate activation. Due to DDoS protection, you will surely get the confidentiality you were searching for.

If that sounds interesting, all you need to do is to go on their website check the range of prices, and choose a plan which will fully satisfy your requirements. The next step is payment, and that is also anonymous if using cryptocurrency. This platform offers such standard variants as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.


This hosting is really popular and has been on the market for almost ten years. It offers full privacy and anonymity, offshore locations, and VPN services.

Out of the offshore locations, you can choose Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, or North America. If you want to get fully anonymous experience and security, you should choose from the available crypto options such as Binance, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Decred, Steem, SDB, Zcash, and a couple of others.  

How to pick a suitable anonymous hosting provider?

The choice of an anonymous hosting provider is not an easy thing, especially if you just started searching for this service. There are tons of providers that have different prices, levels of personal privacy, plans, and more. Here we shared the top 7 resources that according to our research are considered to be reliable and secure. However, in case you would like to do your personal research, here are some criteria you’d better pay attention to:

  • Easy and quick registration process. If you found a resource that requires a tiring signing up with lots of personal information such as an address, billing, real name, age, and country, then it is definitely not about the security of the personal information. Unknown resources with long registration is nothing connected with anonymity so leave such resource.
  • Domain protection. There exists a protocol that claims that any private information and contact data about a domain owner is publicly accessible info and can be checked by anybody. That means any stranger can access this data and use it for other purposes. To exclude this possibility, the provider should guarantee domain security. In case, you cannot find this information on the site you can directly contact a support team and discuss this fact with them directly.
  • Private Servers. It is crucially important to check whether the company you have found, offers their personal servers because there are some variants when companies just rent them. Having a private server is really expensive so that happens for obvious reasons of cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, such private servers are not fully confidential and that might be a huge threat to the client’s privacy.
  • Data security. There are such variants when providers with the help of a master panel can actually check your private space. Of course, it is not a full accessibility, but some data is available for the hosting providers. In order to exclude such risks and have exclusive usage, you’d better check whether the provider offers full data protection and privacy. To get this information quicker, just contact a support service.
  • Currency encryption. It is of great importance to find out whether a provider has crypto payment methods. By choosing Bitcoin as a method of purchase, you are guaranteed that the online transaction will not be traced. Those providers that don’t have a crypto payment, should not be considered as safe and anonymous methods.
  • Offshore provider. Choosing a provider that offers offshore locations is a great choice because you totally guarantee security to your personal information as well as the content you are sharing and posting. So, you’d better pay attention to these details before purchasing an actual plan.

Who should even consider the choice of anonymous hosting?

To begin with, there are lots of publishing and posting restrictions in case you have a huge number of followers or users. Bloggers as well as any public figures sometimes even afraid to share their real ideas online just because of speech restrictions, cultural norms, or even laws. It is a frequent practice when you need to remove the content because of the reasons discussed above. To keep your privacy as a publisher, you can consider the choice of an anonymous server.

To avoid the local regulations, you may also consider the choice of anonymous web hosting. Each country has specific regulations according to the products which you can sell, and what you can express so you may be punished by the law. By hosting your site in offshore geography you will not need to follow the strict regulations of your country.

The last thing to mention is secure payment, by using crypto as a method of payment, you are becoming totally anonymous.

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