Empowering Online Privacy: Building a Secure Onion Site on Tor with Cryptocurrency Payments

Online anonymity and the possibility to use virtual services without the leakage of personal data are so important nowadays. You could not get it out of nowhere, users need to make some affords in order to get this safety. Luckily the variability of tools that offer security is growing and any client can choose those options that work for them.

Cryptocurrency and Tor are great tools that really minimize the chances of users’ being detected. That’s why they are great variants in case you want to avoid some government restrictions and stay anonymous.

Significant Contrasts Between Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies


The Essence of Online Anonymity

Initially, network communication protocols were designed in such a way that there was no need to be identified online. The background of all the online connectivity means that anonymity is allowed.

Online anonymity was a core for the first online networking and you can literarily notice it through the architecture of protocols.

Navigating the Tor Network

Tor is a software program that is available free of charge. The term “Tor” is a shorter version of Onion Router. This is a fantastic tool that provides users with anonymity and secure access to any data around the globe. The idea of naming this project “Onion Router” comes from the association with the vegetable layers. It means you can hardly get to the original data on the internet, it is almost as impossible as to peel the layers of this veg.

Tor functions by creating a decentralized network around the world in such a way that it is possible to bounce the encrypted traffic. This prevents any possibility of data detection. Users of Tor can hide their real location due to the usage of this safe encrypting method.

Unveiling the Layers of Tor Anonymity

Once Tor appeared as a tool, there were various discussions about this software. Some like the security and anonymity it provides for users from around the globe. Others accept such tools as a new online freedom. Governments perceive it as unnecessary secrecy which can lead to the growth of crimes and frauds.

Of course, Tor is accepted as a threatening software for the governments and that is obvious. There are even a couple of governmental programs the aim of which is to come through the layers of Tor protection. This fact proves the security of Tor, because if these governments’ projects exist then they don’t have access to the system.

According to the recent information about this government program, the decryption of this software failed. The only information they could receive was the one that was connected to the identification of clients who have this tool on their PCs. The users can be identified and that is all that can be done.

The benefit of Tor is that it encrypts the destination as well as the source of the data. That gives a lot of freedom and anonymity in the privacy of your data, goods, and even services transfers. No one will get access to such sensitive information.

Another question appears: how to pay for such services and stay anonymous? The usage of standard bank transfers or cash is not an option. Here comes cryptocurrency as a unique method of secure online payment without the detection of the user.

How to create an Onion site on Tor?

The first thing to do is to install and set up Tor on your device. There will be two components server and browser and you will need both.

To actually create a domain, you should start with the web server. The major criterion that you should pay attention to when choosing a server is safety. Otherwise, there is no point in using anonymous Tor, but having the leakages in your web server.

When you are setting up your virtual server, you will need to make a port through which users can connect, but you are not exposing your real IP. Check all the information on the server, and make sure that there is no identification of location or IP address. Delete any references to the info about the server from the error texts which can be sent to the client.

One more thing, you should keep in mind while setting up the server, is that it should run only on the localhost. Once you have done that, we should designate the server to a Tor hidden service. It can be done by editing config file. Here we can add as many hidden services as we want to actually host.

After editing the config file, you will run Tor service and it will register your website in the network.

Bitcoin: The World of Digital Currency

The world of cryptocurrency is huge with lots of different options for any user. Despite such variability, the top-rated virtual currency is Bitcoin. It is decentralized, almost fully anonymous, and digital. Moreover, this money is not regulated by any government.

This currency was created and first described in 2008. The initial characteristic was a virtual cash method with a peer-to-peer approach.

The standard banking system has no connections with Bitcoin. This pure digital money is stored and accumulated with no interference from users outside the system. Everything is done by the private user and there is no management or centralization. This means governments have no influence and cannot detect the transactions that are conducted with the help of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: The World of Digital Currency

Unraveling the Inherent Value of Bitcoin

The value of most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are calculated individually. Just by how other users will evaluate and what will give in exchange for this crypto. Most users accept this principle as the major value for them.

The most significant achievement of Bitcoin is excluding the intervention of governments. However, there are still discussions about whether or not this virtual money is fully independent because they are still convertible.

The Foundation of Bitcoin: Blockchain Technology

When speaking about the transferring value of cash, everything is rather obvious and understandable. Each banknote has an individual serial number and governments of any country can easily verify its authenticity. The governmental organizations also guarantee that there won’t be any duplicates and that the same banknote will not be used several times or even twice.

To offer the same safety and exclude the risks of duplicating – Bitcoin uses a specific security system. This digital safety method is applied to prevent the usage of the same coin several times.

This secure system is called blockchain. For the creation of Bitcoin mining is used and once it is created – this history is security tracked in the ledger of the blockchain. So, the combination of chain records and mining makes a unique coin and it guarantees that there won’t be any duplicates.

Leveraging Bitcoin for Cost-Saving Initiatives

Lots of users have started to accept Bitcoin as a great method to save on transaction fees. It is a usual practice when you are buying something from a seller from another country then you will pay a percentage of the payment and also the fee for the international transaction. When doing many online transactions regularly, you will definitely spend a huge part of your budget on unnecessary fees. With Bitcoin, such spending disappears and you can buy anything anywhere without overpaying.

Because of the huge popularity of Bitcoin lots of shops are offering crypto payment for their clients. Even the smallest online business can offer payment with a wide range of virtual currencies. If you don’t see such an option on the official site, you can easily contact the support team and ask about such a possibility. More often than not, you will get positive feedback according to your request. So don’t hesitate and contact your favorite shop, maybe you can save some money if you make a cryptocurrency payment.

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